Baylor University

Institution: Baylor University
Department: Modern Languages & Cultures
Contact Person: Esther Hur (

About the Program: This program is designed to address the needs of heritage speakers of Spanish. A heritage speaker is someone whose experience may include (but is not limited to): growing up speaking/listening to Spanish while having little to no formal education in the language; growing up in a Spanish-speaking environment or in contact with the language; or having cultural connections to the language. Heritage speakers have some proficiency in the heritage language, ranging from receptive to productive. In these courses, students will explore the language, literature, and cultures of the Hispanic world. They will develop their competence in reading and writing as well as build on grammatical knowledge to develop their oral and written communicative skills. Additionally, the course materials will cultivate and validate their cultural experiences as heritage speakers in the United States.

Courses offered in the heritage program:

  • Spanish 1304 – First year Spanish for Heritage Speakers : No description provided
  • Spanish 2304 – Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers: No description provided