SHL Hangout: Open Educational Textbooks for Bilingual Students

Topic: Open Educational Textbooks for Bilingual Students
Description: This hangout webinar focuses on developing the textbook Mi idioma, mi comunidad: español para bilingües as a response to the increased enrollment of Latinx college students in the Midwest, incorporating culturally sustaining curricula, increasing textbook affordability, and meeting the needs of heritage language learners that often go unmet by second  language pedagogy frameworks. The purpose for designing this book were as followed; 1) To validate students’ experiences with identity and belonging in the Midwest; 2) to use interactive multimedia products such as podcasts, videos, neighborhood maps, and music that already had culturally relevant content about Latinx in the Midwest; and 3) to advocate for students’ language maintenance and growth through real-world applications. Each of the eight chapters uses a project-based approach to reading, writing, creating, and discussing language use, art, festivals, food, ethnography, oral history, digital lives, and university life. We will discuss where we see this ebook fits best in our classes, and how to adapt to meet your own students’ needs.
Presenters: Elena Foulis (Texas A&M San Antonio) and Stacey Alex (Morningside University)
When: Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022 at 5pm (CST)
Where: Zoom—Register here

Click this link for more information. Hosted by the Texas Coalition for Heritage Spanish and the Center for Open Educational Resources & Language Learning at UT Austin