SHL Hangout: High-Leverage Strategies for Teaching Writing

Facilitated by Adrienne Brandenburg

Most teachers of Spanish heritage learners agree that teaching literacy skills are critical, but many of us feel ill-equipped to teach writing. During this short presentation, Adrienne will share several strategies that have been transformational in her classroom for teaching writing to Spanish heritage speakers. Adrienne has had a lot of success implementing these strategies via a workshop model, but they are easily applicable to any other classroom model.

You’ll hear from Adrienne for about 30 minutes and we’ll leave the rest of the hour for Q&A and discussion, in breakout rooms and as a whole group. We want to hear from you!

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Adrienne Brandenburg teaches high school Spanish and Spanish for heritage speakers in Colorado. She presents regularly at state and national conferences on topics related to heritage language teaching and literacy and serves as the Chair of the Spanish for Heritage Learners Special Interest Group at ACTFL. She is passionate about working with teachers of heritage learners and is committed to the lifelong work of recognizing and dismantling systems of oppression, in herself, in her classroom, and in her community.

Sponsored by the Texas Coalition for Heritage Spanish