¡Felicidades a Marco Pevia!

¡Felicidades a Marco Pevia de UT Austin, nuestro Heritage Student Spotlight por el mes de abril! En sus propias palabras:

I am currently majoring in Spanish and plan to add a minor in Portuguese. Additionally, I am in the UTeach Liberal Arts program where I am working towards receiving my EC-12 Spanish teaching certification. 

I am very grateful for the heritage Spanish program at UT because it has given me the amazing opportunity to connect with my own and other cultures through the personal experiences I have with my classmates. After taking my first heritage Spanish class, I knew I wanted to continue studying the language and declared Spanish as my major, switching from mechanical engineering and government. 

Along with using materials created by heritage students at UT, I have begun creating activities that can go along with these resources so that language teachers can focus on teaching the subject instead of the creation of new materials for the classroom. After my undergraduate degree, I plan on pursuing a PhD in Spanish linguistics so that I can continue supporting heritage Spanish students and help them through their unique advantages and specific challenges they face as a bilingual learner.

I believe that learning new languages bridges cultural differences and helps bring an awareness of those cultures to the learner that they would otherwise not have. 

Si usted es instructor/a de español como lengua de herencia en Texas, y quiere nominar a un estudiante, favor de entregar una solicitud a nuestro sitio web.