OER Hangout: Making your language curriculum more inclusive

In this discussion-based webinar, panelists and participants will share ideas for developing classroom activities that include perspectives from a more diverse group of people, especially from populations not traditionally represented in textbooks.

Kia London is a Spanish World Language Educator, Presenter, and Blogger who currently teaches Spanish at the middle school level to grades 6th-8th in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Her focus is on providing an equitable experience and perspective for all learners and educators, with a specific interest on the Afro-Latin Culture.

Jenniffer Whyte is an Afro-Latina from the Dominican Republic who presents and teaches about race relations, racism, colorism, and unity. She is an active believer that Afro Latinos should be incorporated in Spanish classrooms in each unit. She uses her life as a living example of an Afro-Latina and aims for students to relate to her and to one another. She teaches Spanish at The Donoho School in Alabama.

There will be 20 minutes of presentation time, and the rest of the hour will be dedicated to your questions and to conversation between participants and panelists. We hope instructors of all languages and levels will join for this universally applicable discussion!