SHL Hangout: The (Re)presentation of Afro-Latinx in Spanish Language Textbooks

Topic: The (Re)presentation of Afro-Latinx in Spanish Language Textbooks
Descriptions: In recent years, Afro-Latinx individuals and communities have been pushing for increased social and political representation both in the USA and in Latin America. They often go unnoticed although they form a substantial population in Latin America, North America and in the Caribbean. In the educational curriculum, specifically, the Spanish language curriculum, the situation of Afro-Latinx mirrors that of the larger society. Recent research has found that Afro-Latinx individuals and communities are either absent or misrepresented to both second language speakers and native speakers, thus affecting the learning experience of these users. This presentation thus calls for the recognition of Afro-Latinx individuals, their history and their contribution, in the educational curriculum. This presentation is thus aimed at identifying these barriers present in the classroom and educational materials and to propose strategies for the implementation of a more representative, inclusive, and social justice- based curriculum.
Presenter: Lillie Padilla & Rosti Vana (Sam Houston State University)
When: Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 5pm (CST)
Where: Zoom—Register here

Hosted by the Texas Coalition for Heritage Spanish and the Center for Open Educational Resources & Language Learning at UT Austin