Virtual Summit on Project-Based Learning-UCLA NHLRC

Teaching Heritage languages with project-based learning
For and by teachers, this collaborative online event aims to bring together language educators from all levels of instruction and language backgrounds to share their projects and explore ways to create a hub of information on best practices, resources, and tips for heritage language (HL) teachers and programs to implement Project-based learning (PBL).
PBL is a proficiency-oriented instructional approach that supports real-world language use, fosters student engagement, and facilitates learner-centered instruction. These features make PBL ideal for teaching HL learners, be it in specialized HL classes, mixed classes with second-language learners, or in experiential learning formats such as internships, community service learning, and study-abroad.
We invite HL educators in the US and abroad to submit a proposal to the NHLRC PBL summit. Please consult the following document on PBL as you fill out your proposal.
Click to review handout on PBL.
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Sponsor(s): UCLA Center for World Languages