Congratulations Yalet Galindo!

¡Felicidades a Yalet Galindo!

El equipo de TeCHS y COERLL se enorgullecen en presentar al Student Spotlight del mes de Abril: Yalet Galindo. Actualmente ella está cursando octavo grado en W.I. Stevenson Middle School en Houston. Ella fue nominada por su maestra Marieva Sánchez. Nos comparte que Yalet es una estudiante extraordinaria y que tiene un futuro brillante por delante.

A continuación Yalet nos comparte un poco más sobre ella.

“Hello! My name is Yalet Galindo and I am an 8th-grade middle schooler born and raised in Houston, Tx. My mom was born in San Luis, Potosi but raised in Matamoros, Tamaulipas. While my dad was born and mostly raised in El Salvador. I am currently an 8th grader in Stevenson Middle School and my favorite subject right now is reading. I am not fully sure of what I want to be when I grow up but I either want to be a child protective services (CPS) caseworker or a pediatrician. My whole family speaks Spanish so I just naturally picked up the language and use it daily.

My advice to other heritage students is to not be afraid to speak Spanish, as it can bring many great opportunities and is such a beautiful language overall. One of the main things I enjoy from using Spanish is the ability to talk to my family and anyone around me. Speaking this language has also brought many memories in which I will never forget. Studying Spanish has benefited me with many great opportunities (much like this one) and has helped me expand and improve my vocabulary while also enjoying it. My future plans is to be able to connect with many bilingual speakers around the world and gain many good job and academic opportunities while being a Spanish speaker.”